ggggHave you been in a relationship with a narcissist? Many people are very vulnerable to getting into a relationship with a narcissist because narcissists often know how to temporarily - at the beginning of the relationship - give you the love and attention you have yearned for your whole life. These relationships are often intense, compelling, alive, passionate - and confusing. And there is often much turmoil when they end.

Andra asked me for help with the aftermath of her relationship:

"I ended a relationship a month ago that was short but intense. I was shocked by his reaction and what he has subsequently done, and I happened to find that article you wrote about NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), and to my dismay all but one of your listings describe him and us almost exactly. I have tried to get over it by telling myself that the relationship wasn't sustainable anyway and better that I got out of involvement with an NPD, but I still feel hurt and in pain about it that leaves me unable to focus on the things I need to do in

asfhHow many acts of kindness have you experienced today? Perhaps they have gone un-noticed because they were so small and so frequent, that you simply accepted them. What acts of kindness did you purposefully or inadvertently act upon? Have you smiled at an elderly person who is so lonely that you've made his day, unknowingly? Or, have you helped someone bogged down with groceries trying to open their trunk? Have you paid a good deed forward and bought a cup of coffee for a person who couldn't afford one, or maybe a meal? Have you done this without reservation, so naturally because you know it is the right thing to do?

Years ago my car broke down on a busy city street. My young son was in the back seat. I thought, "What am I going to do?" Within moments a young man pulls up behind me. He asks if he can help and then proceeds to commandeer stopping traffic going the other way! He solicits the assistance of three other drivers, who get out of their cars and push my car to a side street. I remember standing watching this scene play

vgtWhile someone could say that they hate a certain type of food, for instance, they can also say that they hate the opposite gender. It one could relate to the first example (or if they hated something similar), it is unlikely to have much of an effect on their life.

However, if they were in a position where they hated the opposite gender, it is likely to have a greater effect on their life. And this is because although they will be able to avoid a certain type of food; it is highly unlikely that they will be able to avoid the opposite sex.

Two Sides

On one side, there are men who hate women, and on the other side, there are women who hate men. When a woman hates men she will be described as a misandrist, and when a man hates women he will be described as misogynist.

But while a different word is used in each case, there is the chance that people will be more familiar with the word that is used when a man hates women. In fact, there are likely to be a lot of people who don't even

vbWhile someone can have moments where they take care of their own needs and the needs of others, they can also experience life differently. What this means, is that they can be in a position where they only focus on their own needs or on other people's needs.


Life is about give and take and so if one only operates from one side of the spectrum, they are going to be out of balance. But if one has experienced life in this way for quite some time, they might not even realise this.

It could just be how life is and there is then going to be no reason for them to do anything about it. This is not to say that one will be pleased with how their life is; what it means is that it will be what is normal.


If one only thinks about themselves, they are going to end up having people around them who are also out of balance. This could be because they have people in their life who ignore their own needs and focus on other people's needs.

One is then going to be getting more than they

jfhWhat's the secret of discovering a true friend or lover? The Secret of Great Relationships? By the word "true" I mainly mean a relationship free of manipulation and ego based behaviors.

The first thing that comes in mind is move towards the mindset of "giving". Give yourself, your thoughts and your genuine responses. I am sure that you have heard this phrase a thousand times in videos and blog posts but you have failed to do so. First of all "failing" is necessary, it means that you are trying to re-approach yourself by a different angle. Having said that, the phrase "I failed" is more likely to be replaced with "I am moving closer to my goals" because you try to find a solution inwards. If you continually searching outwards then I invite you to search yourself first. How can you actually practice that?

A great book

The first approach is to discover your values. Most people keep saying that they have values but if you challenge them to simplify them and give a straight answer about their first and foremost value, they are unable to do so. There are many exceptional books on that

chIf one needed something, they may find that there is someone who they can call on to be there for them. In fact, there could be a number of people who would be only too happy to support them.

And the reason they have this outlook is going to be because these people have been there for them in the past. This is not to say that they always expect them to be there; what it comes down to is that there is a strong chance that there will always be someone who is available.


What this is then going to mean is that it will be normal for them to experience life in this way, and this could be how their life has always been. As a result of this, they might find it hard to imagine what it would be like to experience life differently.

This doesn't mean that they won't have had moments in their life when there was no one there; what it means is that this could be something that rarely takes place. Thus, it could be a challenge for them to truly connect to the experience of not

rty"We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 - 1945)

THERE appears to me to be levels of learning around forgiveness. My first significant lessons surrounded a profound initial grief, and God gifted me with the ability to focus on what I'd done wrong as opposed to bothering too much with what the other person seemed to me to have done wrong.

But in the recent few years my Lord has upped the ante. He wants me to learn more.

I've found that the root of bitterness - for which I thought naively I was immune - came to be operant. I tussled for the grace to forgive certain people in certain situations.

What God showed me, albeit very recently, is these situations are a mirror opportunity for my growth. It's not about them (my perception of them) at all. God is like what my mother always told me when I grew up - I'm not interested in what the boy next door is getting away with. God says, "My sole interest is

rvWhile someone could be critical of both men and women, they could also be in position where they have the tendency to criticise the opposite sex. And so if they do criticise the same sex, it could be something that rarely takes place.

This could mean that they will have moments where they are able to admit that their sex is not perfect and then shortly after, this could be something that they will soon forget. Through having this approach, it allows them to return to the outlook that the opposite sex is inferior.

One Way

Having said that, one might not have moments where they are able to see that their sex is not perfect. As a result of this, it will only be possible for them to experience life in one way.

Therefore, it won't matter what men/women do, as their attention is always going to be focused on what they are doing that is wrong. But even though this is the case, it doesn't mean that one is able to realise what is taking place.


One could believe that they are simply observing reality, and so the reason they are experiencing life in

tbIf you want to become a well-respected part of the local urban nightlife scene, you need to make sure that your slang game is ‘on fleek’, ok dawg? It’s important. Fo’ real.


A word that you can use to refer to your chick. Let’s make use of it in a sentence – ‘That fresh broad over there? Yeah. She’s my bae.’ Got it? Good. Let’s move on…

‘On Fleek’

If someone tells you that something you did, said or wore is ‘on fleek’, congratulations brother. You’re doing something right! Case in point – ‘Yoh, dude. That cologne you’re wearing is on fleek! You’re definitely going to pull tonight.’


When you hook up with a hot babe as your mates watch in awe, admiring how ‘on fleek’ your game is – you’ve just ‘pulled’, my man. Before hitting the club, the main goal of the evening is usually to ‘pull’, so if you manage to do so, you can be sure that it has been a pretty sweet night.


Any brother who’s ballin’ has plenty of dough to throw around. For example, ‘Have you seen Dave’s new wheels? He ballin’, man!’

vmmRelationship advice for men – Do you in some cases wonder why you can not comprehend your lady, despite the fact that technically you both talk the exact same language? Have you ever before listened to that women as well as males appear to talk a various language since we think in different ways? A great deal of partnership guidance is for ladies, exactly what you might utilize is some relationship advice for men.

Just what are several of the standard guidelines a man needs to understand to boost their connections with women?

First rule – the “cold shoulder” suggests something is wrong as well as it will not vanish on its own.

When a female quits talking with you, there is usually something on her mind. This can be real for males as well, yet how they deal with it is different to exactly how females do. When men have a problem they are taking care of, they may not discuss it, yet still connect about every little thing else, yet ladies have the tendency to go soundless on everything. It is very important to figure out what is wrong and aid her type

vhjWhen it comes to grooming, as men, we tend to prefer to keep things simple – and by that we mean doing as little as humanly possible. Who has time to primp and preen, after all? Unfortunately for most of us, we are living in the age of the metrosexual. With so many pretty boys walking around with perfectly coifed hair, gleaming white teeth, and not a patch of body hair in sight, many of us are starting to question our trademark ‘Neanderthal-esque’ appearance. The question is – what do the women think of this new trend? Let’s investigate…

Man buns are in, short hair is out

So there are indeed many conflicting opinions when it comes to man buns, with some practically worshipping the ‘do and others deeming the look to be rather laughable. The ladies, however, are big into it, so, in all honesty, do you really need any more reason to grow your hair? Pair the man bun with a sexy lumberjack beard and some checked shirts (or a suit if you’re into that sort of thing) and you’ll be good to go.

B.O is the number one turn off

According to

vnAs we all know, women are beautiful, yet sensitive creatures, which is why it is essential that you think before you speak. This is especially important when you are trying to impress her on your first date. Fear not though. You have just stumbled upon a how-to guide on surviving this initial, nerve-wracking stage of the relationship. Here are the top five things that you should never say on a first date.

Wow! You sure can eat a lot!

Never comment on a woman’s eating habits. Never. Regardless of whether this is your first date or your fiftieth, it is going to result in a woman who feels super insulted and, if she is a feisty one, you are definitely going to get a drink thrown in your face. Instead, say something along the lines of ‘Do you want some fries with that?’

May I kiss you?

You think you’re being a gentleman by asking this? You’re not. You’re being annoying. If it feels right, just go for it! You’re wearing your best smelling body spray, you’re looking sharp – she wants you! And, even if she doesn’t, she will make it known. Don’t spoil the

gWho else is sick and tired of being alone? Has spending the holidays by yourself been difficult enough… ONLY to find Valentine’s day right around the corner, which only makes it worse? Are you simply done having to make excuses to friends and family, talk about how your too BUSY to date, or simply pretend that you enjoy being single JUST to keep people off your back? In this article I’m going to suggest a really UNUSUAL way to find love THIS year, and if you hurry, in time for Valentines day to boot! (or at least in time to find the man you WILL fall in love with by then, at a minimum…


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The truth is, in my experience, the BEST way to find love is to look within. And no… I don’t mean that in a new age sort of way, what I mean is, I truly believe that EACH of us already KNOWS who we are destined to meet… it’s just that for most people, especially women, that intuitive awareness is buried so deeply,

3fWho else is sick and tired of being in BAD relationships with men who DON’T do what they promised? Are you fed up with worrying if he’s being faithful, or NOT sure what he’s thinking, or simply not certain if he’s even going to be around for the long haul?


Imagine if you could know with close to 100% certainty what your man REALLY thought about you, and without having to ask?

Imagine if there was almost a love, lust and romantic “truth o- meter” attached to every word… that you no longer had to worry about his true intentions?

The truth is, as WEIRD as it may sound, that DOES in fact exist, and if you know where to look, it’s the ONE emotional truth that he can’t hide.

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As an energy worker and emotional intuitive, one of the EASIEST ways to tell how a man is thinking, is through his aura. (of course if you can’t SEE an aura, that sounds like the silliest strategy you’ve heard all year, I know..:-)

The truth

rtrWho else is finally ready to find their soulmate? That one special “soul” who you know you’ve been born to be with? Are you sick and tired of recycling relationships or trying to figure out how your man REALLY feels about you?


Are you fed up with worrying whether he believes YOU are the one, or whether this is just another pit stop on the path to finding HIS true love? The truth is, as you probably already have realized, men are VERY different creatures when it comes to expressing how they feel about their partners.


They tend to keep their feelings to themselves… or say only enough to keep you interested and around and HOPEFUL, especially if he is someone you really think you could like… or even love.

And if you’ve been paying attention to the TV, and the news in recent weeks and months, you’ve probably ALSO noticed this:

Men CHEAT! Many married men, especially famous, important or powerful men who are more likely to be in the news, are constantly being “caught” with other women. Having affairs, doing silly things with strange women

34World is changing, hence the methods of meeting and dating are also changing. From Speed dating to blind dating, there are various options available to meet your special someone. (launched in 1995) is the top rated dating site with 1.9 million registered users. These days mobile apps like Tinder and Hinge are widely used instead of dating websites. Dating mobile applications are the future of dating.

Dating sites and apps have both pros and cons. According to a survey, it is found that around 40% of users who are single, use dating sites. These sites are quite popular in the age group of 25 to 35 years.

Talking about pros there are a many:

  • In the today’s busy life, online dating is quite fast, easy and convenient and it also saves time. Just create a profile on the site and explore your matches.
  • Dating sites are quite helpful for people who are shy or nervous.
  • It saves you from embarrassment.
  • You can meet more and more people through online dating sites.
  • It helps you to get potential matches.
  • These sites are safe as you have the option whether you want to

233With Romantic day’s celebration round the corner, the most basic emotion that comes over people is anxiety. If we are usually true to ourselves, we will understand the hard place we have been in when a personal occasion is close. The reason for this overwhelming feeling maybe these

You have forgotten to plan and so are now left wondering about how to do at a short notice.

You are clueless about making your loved one feel particular.

It is your first Valentine’s Evening and you are still observing the other person, You still have not asked a special someone is your ‘valentine’ as of yet and are preparing to do it his time.

You do not know where the relationship headed. And, might want to maneuver to move it further along

It is often said that ‘well planned is half done’. This is one saying that’s been tried and tested time and again. In the same vain we all will now discuss some presents for your ‘First Valentine’.


Simply just Flowers and Chocolates

It ‘s an intelligent idea to ‘go simple’ and also gift you’re ‘to be Valentine’ or perhaps

3rOne of the very best ways to find and become found, by your own perfect partner will be the perfect companion. If you really are a person who is able to date and prepared for that commitment and flexibility a significant romantic relationship demands, you will be more likely to encounter and embrace an ideal partner when they arrive.
Should You Consider Dating?
Odd as it might sound, this is the very first question you should think about when trying to determine whether you’re a ideal partner. There are a million explanations why you might decide to take yourself from the dating game for any limited period of time. Some make this particular choice because they would like to heal from a hard breakup or another life tragedy, while others allow it to be because they would like to focus their power somewhere else for some time.
While the considered to not dating may be excruciating for you since it means you might lose out on meeting someone unique, it’s important that you simply take this deliberation critically. You need to understand, for sure, that it is a great time to

  1. r4A loyal, best friend. Sometimes a loyal best friend is the only thing you need to stay sane. Everybody needs such a non-judgmental friend who will support you no matter what happens. They know your deepest, darkest secrets, but they still love you.
  2. A fearless adventurer. We live in a big world where there are so many places to go, people to meet, and experiences to go through. However, many people get them stuck in their daily routines and forget to enjoy life. We all need adventurous friends who can bring us new ideas, cultures, views of life and activities.
  3. A confidant that dare to tell you the truth. There are certain situations in life where we need to hear the harsh truth. This is why we need a brutally honest confidant. If you are in a rocky relationship, everyone’s telling you that it’s normal to make it up with someone for the 8th time in the past two years. However, an honest confidant will negate you in a constructive way. “Enough! Stop staging a break-up-and-make-up drama, you deserve better.” Friends are supposed to be honest to each other. You’re lucky if you happen

5rA Good friendship is one of the most progressive unions in the world. In fact, good relationships make the world go around. Without a good sense of friendship, a home, workplace, community, city, or even a nation would be filled with distrust, confusion and animosity. Nothing significant would be accomplished, resulting in utter chaos and destruction. The successful communities of the world are strong because of a powerful network of extraordinary friendships.

Good Friendship in the Home

Therefore, the need for friendship is vital to all our relationships on every level. At home, a wife and husband must first be friends if the marriage is going to last. A good marriage cannot be based solely on physical attractions or out of the need to just keep the family together. The state of such marriage will not operate out of friendship but out of selfishness and mistrust. A good marriage moves forward because the friendship element embedded within the character of the husband and wife. In such marriages, friendliness will eventually rub off on the children, if there are any. But children cannot grow to be the